Who is Fair Data for?

Fair Data guarantees an organisation meets the Fair Data Principles.

1. Fair Data and consumers

Fair Data empowers consumers to identify organisations that handle personal data ethically and transparently. If you interact with a Fair Data research organisation you can have confidence that your information will be handled safely, securely and in line with privacy laws.

2. Fair Data and organisations

Fair Data shows which organisations can be trusted to handle personal data ethically.

For Consumer organisations – Fair Data shows customers you are ethical, transparent and responsible. Fair Data will be as recognisable and trusted as the Fairtrade mark.

For Suppliers of research and data – Fair Data shows your clients you adhere to the highest standards of data collection, processing and use.

For Public/Government bodies – Fair Data will ensure the public trusts your social research. When you make an important policy decision, you can be sure the evidence you draw upon is reliable.